Hi there, here's some more about me!

In addition to info in my page's blurb, I've: Lived in South America for about a year (and traveled to four countries there, five if you count Puerto Rico), ridden a motorcycle cross country, gotten married (Jennifer, 20+ years, so far so good!), worked as an actor in NYC (even made it into the IMDB), worked for myself, others, and a startup, ran for office as a ballot candidate (NYS 61st district assembly), helped form a local Libertarian party chapter (Staten Island), and generally have tried to make myself useful to my fellow man. I joined the Free State Project and moved to New Hampshire in 2013, if you are a lover of Liberty you should sign up and move here immediately.

I'm passionate about Liberty, the latest and most promising project I'm working on is with Donnie Gebert. I recently had the pleasure of editing his excellent book "The Null Hypothesis of Politics: A Direct Republic" ( find out more about it here, be sure to listen to Donnie's media appearances.)

I'll be producing an audiobook version soon, sub to my Blog and follow Donnie to hear when it's released.

Thanks for visiting!